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Create A Will Or Trust That Works For You

Wills and trusts are the building blocks of most estate plans. Both of these instruments allow you to name heirs and record other wishes. Wills are easier to create, but a more sophisticated document such as a revocable living trust offers much more precise control over your assets while you are alive, and they are also a more reliable way to help your loved ones avoid the probate process after your death.

At The Law Office of David Carl Hill, we can help you decide on the best way to record your wishes and organize your assets, based on the details of your financial life and personal preferences. We have experience working with estates of varying sizes — there is no estate too large or small that it’s not worth making a plan for the future. And it’s never too early to make an estate plan. Whether you are just starting out your career or you are enjoying retirement, you will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your affairs are thoroughly in order, no matter what happens down the road.

We Help You Prepare A Detailed Will Or Trust

With a well-designed will or living trust, you can accomplish a number of important estate planning objectives, including:

  • Specify who will receive which assets after your passing
  • Minimize the impact of the estate tax on the transfer of assets
  • Specify your wishes regarding medical treatment and decision-making in the event that you are incapacitated
  • Specify your wishes regarding financial decision-making in the event that you are incapacitated
  • Specify your wishes for your funeral arrangements
  • Name the guardians who will be responsible for the care of your minor children

Speak With An Estate Planning Attorney

The first step in creating a will or trust is to meet with a lawyer who can help you identify your goals and translate them into the appropriate estate planning measures. To get this conversation started, come in to our office for an initial consultation. Schedule a meeting with The Law Office of David Carl Hill by calling us at 360-329-6223 or by email. From our office in Port Orchard, Washington, we serve clients throughout Kitsap County and beyond.