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Navigate Probate Effectively

All too often when we lose a loved one, there are outstanding questions about what should happen to their assets. If their assets were not placed in a trust, their estate will likely pass through probate before their property can be disbursed to the proper parties. The probate process can be slow and needlessly complicated, and it’s an unfortunate reality that it occurs at the same time that you are mourning the loss of a loved one.

At The Law Office of David Carl Hill, our goal is to help you navigate through probate as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Probate attorney David Hill offers personalized service and thorough answers to all of your questions.

What To Expect During The Probate Process

Probate can be broken into many parts. We will help you move as quickly as possible through the following steps:

  • Opening of probate: To initiate the process, a petition for probate must be filed, along with a request to appoint an administrator.
  • Administrator gives notice: The prospective administrator must contact all potential beneficiaries and publish a notice in the local newspaper in a good faith effort to reach concerned parties of which they may not be aware.
  • Hearing to appoint administrator: A judge will review the probate petition and will officially appoint the administrator if no party objects.
  • Inventory and appraisal: The administrator then works to generate an accurate estimate of the estate’s value, along with a list of property.
  • Payment of debts and settlement of claims: Using estate funds, the administrator pays the estate’s debts, including taxes.
  • Final accounting and distribution: The administrator creates a plan on how to divide whatever assets remain after the estate’s debts have been paid.
  • Close of probate: With the probate court’s approval, the administrator sends out checks to the appropriate parties and the probate case is closed.

Work With An Experienced Kitsap County Probate Lawyer

To learn more about probate assistance at The Law Office of David Carl Hill, schedule an initial consultation by calling 360-329-6223 or contacting us online. Our office is located in Port Orchard, Washington.